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Al Harris was a comedian from Season 8 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the audition round.


Al Harris is a retired correctional officer from Long Island, NY. After years of keeping his audience captive and trying his luck (and his patience) on Mark Simone's Radio Show, he decided to "put it all out there and throw his hat in the ring" on America's Got Talent. 1


Al Harris' audition in Episode 806 consisted of using props to convey puns such as "Color Blinds" (rainbow-colored window blind),"Lip-synching" (a pair of lips sinking in water), having "Stage Presence" (a Christmas present), "Prescription Glasses" (two prescription bottles attached to glasses) and many more (most of these were presented after being buzzed out, however, including a "Stool Softener" (a stool being hit by a giant inflatable hammer) which peeked the attention of the audience and Howard Stern the most). Howard, Heidi KlumMel B, and Howie Mandel all buzzed the act. Although Howie voted "Yes", Howard, Heidi, and Mel B all voted "No," eliminating Al from the competition. Heidi remarked that she thought he should go forward doing his act, but at home.

After the Show[]

Al Harris made a special guest appearance sitting in the audience with Nick Cannon. He presented more prop jokes. A video talking about his becoming more popular after his audition was also presented.


  • Al sets the record of the show for performing still the longest after being buzzed out.
  • Al auditioned for Season 9, but within the Preliminaries with another audition tape, the same he did for Season 8, rather than coming to the Preliminary auditions, but didn't make the show this time to audition again for the TV show judges. Both tapes were uploaded to his official YT channel, and his Season 9 audition for the Preliminaries round consisted of him joking about "Breaking News" (breaking a "Breaking News" sign in half), a brush fire (setting a brush on fire), Radio City having it's very first "Fire Drill" (a power drill that he set on fire), and many more (as can be seen here [1]).

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