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Alfredo Silva's Cage Riders is an stunt motorbike group on America's Got Talent: Extreme. They were the winners of the competition, winning the $500,000 prize, and the title of America's Got Talent: Extreme champion.


Alfredo was originally part of Deadly Games, a knife throwing duo which consisted of him and his wife. They made the Semi-finals on America’s got talent Season 11. Deadly games returned for America's Got Talent: The Champions (Season 1) where they made the finals finishing in the bottom 7 of the top 12. He is also the brother of Season 15 finalist Alan Silva.

AGT: Extreme Audition[]

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Rider’s audition in Episode EX02 consisted of doing motor stunt tricks in a cage. Originally there were 2 riders in the cage but later they took it up to 3. Then 2 riders performed in the cage with Alfredo stood in it. Alfredo also performed the motor stunt trick the kiss of death. Simon Cowell couldn’t vote due to knowing Alfredo. Impressed with their performance, Terry Crews pressed his golden buzzer sending the trio directly to the finals.

AGT: Extreme Grand-Final[]

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders was voted by the Superfans into the top two acts of the season, meaning that they would perform one more time for the title. Their grand final performance in Episode EX04 consisted of doing more motor stunt tricks in a cage this time having 4 riders in the cage. The riders also drove their motorcycles over the cage, landing on soft ramps. The group won the Superfans' final vote, beating out Aaron Wheelz.


  • Alfredo is the first contestant to win AGT that has competed on the show in the past.

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