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Blue Tokyo was a dance group from Season 13 of America's Got Talent. It was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


World's first! The acrobatic professional performance unit formed by the men's rhythmic athlete. "I want to nurture talent who can act as a professional in the entertainment world as a second career of a male rhythmic gymnast" Aomori Yamada High School Director Men 's New Gymnastics Department Director From the thought of Mr. Arakawa Sakae, the world' s first male rhythmic gymnastics × street dance pro unit BLUE TOKYO was born. Dynamic performance that the honored body as an athlete synchronizes and synchronizes with the music is the only entertainment that is fascinated by fusing the men's rhythmic gym which is the birth place of Japan and the street dance of contemporary Japan. [1]


Blue Tokyo's audition in Episode 1306 consisted of performing a dance routine involving flips, twirling batons and jump ropes. At one point, one of the members was thrown up in the air by the rest of the group and performed a flip. Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending the group to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Blue Tokyo's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1309 consisted of performing a dance routine involving flips and jump roping.  Their performance was not strong enough to advance to the Quarterfinals, eliminating them from the competition along with Fratelli Rossi and Jules and Jerome.

After The Show

Blue Tokyo appeared on the sixth season of the Italian competition series Tu Si Que Vales in 2019 [2]

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