Gleekygal2010 wrote:
I want to be brutally honest about Kodi for a moment.  Despite all the hype around him and his story, he just doesn't impress me.  While listening to his performance on Tuesday night, I felt like I was among the few who thought he was pitchy in parts and his falsetto was off.

It's kind of like as a Eurovision fan, when I look for a song/artist to support, I ask myself one question: does it connect with me when I hear it?  For some bizarre reason, I can't seem to connect with Kodi the way that so many others have

I completely agree with this, but America votes out of sympathy. He doesn't deseve to win at all. His story is very inspirational and everything but there are just better acts on this season. As far as singers go he isn't even Top 5 singers imo. I'm fine with him making finals though, I just don't want him to win. If he didn't have an inspirational story, he probably wouldn't even make the liveshows.

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