Lrw527 wrote:

InternetDisneya wrote: i hope this doesn’t sound mean because generally im a kind person but lil mill da bill, you seem obsessed with talking about “who’s better, kodi or v. unbeatable” 😂 like i feel like i saw around 20 comments of you talking about that, and i even saw you make a whole thread about it, and now you’re trying to get people to give you kudos to see who people like more. i’m not trying to be mean but it’s just getting repetitive

It’s bc he wants VUB to win and keeps bringing it up to see more praise for VUB. I’m not trying to be rude but that’s what I’ve noticed

Definitely not, at least in my opinion.

Once, he even leave a comment said "Who think V.Unbeatable is overrated " But still he keeps praising VUB a lot in the following discussions.

He just want to get people attention, which is annoying af

Still, #BanLilMillDaBill

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