Pennies' Precise Predictions and Thoughts:

Huge shout out to Admin SmackDownIsBlue since he did something similar to this last season and I think it’s a very organized way of sharing thoughts to the very different opinionated people on this wiki.

Before we get into it, the way I vote is 0 (meaning I didn’t like it and don’t want to see it again), 5 (good performance, possibly want to see again perhaps, but there’s some flaws) or 10 (Great performance, definitely want to see again).

Name Image Thoughts Pennies Verdict Rank/Vote
1. GFORCE Gforce Sorry girls but I just can’t watch this. Worst singers of all time? No. Middle school talent show? Most definitely. The performance didn’t make too much sense with the set and the song was not well written either. I bet you’re nice people to hang out with irl but I think that your journey on this show should end now. X 12th / 0
2. Greg Morton Gregmorton Greg, you’re a very talented man. You have proved to me that you are capable of a show and that you a very likeable person. My problem with tonight however is that I could not recognize as many impressions and it just felt a little unorganized. In my honest opinion I think you should switch to stand up with impressions just because I know you are able to sustain more than just movie impressions. Nothing 7th / 5
3. Carmen Carter Carmencarter Uhh..Carmen? What happened? As typical as your story may be I thought you were easily one of the best singers this season but I’m sorry, but that was not a good song choice. It did pick up near the end, but still, I see this as a mistake since we all know you can do better than this. I think this may be the end of your journey but who knows, we shall see tonight. Nothing 8th / 0
4. Emerald Belles Emeraldbelles Honestly, I thought this was a step up, but not my much. The most visually pleasing performance, but I really don’t see this as a Vegas Act at all. I was like, “Oh cool”, but then just zoned out because I don’t think this can sustain ones attention for too long. Kudos to the effort you all put out, but you should not move through in my personal opinion. And ofc Howie apologizes. Nothing 9th / 0
5. Sophie Pecora Sophiepecora Like GFORCE, I bet you’re a likeable person in real life but honestly that was not a good performance. That intro package felt clumsy and then the beginning of the performance felt extremely off key. Then comes the TED Talk which was one of the funniest comments I read in a while. No hate to you personally but this was just not a good performance at all. I don’t see it going anywhere but YouTube really. I didn’t buzz though because it wasn’t to the point where I had to cover my ears or anything. Nothing 10th / 0
6. Messoudi Brothers Messoudibrothers We were all worried about you guys since you had an injury but what a way to redeem yourselves! I think Simons criticism was BS, but I do think it wasn’t the biggest step up ever, really amazing work you guys show us though. I hope you guys go through and show us more of what you can do, if you can step it up more. Ovation 4th / 10
7. Voices of Service Voicesofservice Hands down best vocal performance of the night. What a surprise, really, since I thought you guys were just another “military vocal group”. You guys showcased tonight that you can make your performances exciting with great vocals. Great addition of the choir btw. Ovation 3rd / 10
8. Ansley Burns Ansleyburns Sorry, but worst wildcard usage I’ve witnessed in this show. As some may already know, she is my least favorite contestant this season, and I don’t know why or how she got the wildcard unless the crying actually did help. And she of course has to be really annoying about getting it and just ugh. I felt embarrassed to watch this (once again no hate to her personally) and I actually turned down my TV since I didn’t want my family to think I actually was listening to this. She was just a pint better than GFORCE since at least she didn’t write an annoying song nobody is gonna listen to un-ironically. X 11th / 0
9. Alex Dowis Alexdowis Amazing! What a great, moving, and talented performance you just put on! I don’t care in the slightest who or what believes in the origins of mankind, but they should realize that he’s one of a kind and should definitely move on. I am with Mega however, this did feel not as moving and felt a little slow, but still, great performance. Ovation 2nd / 10
10. Luke Islam Lukeislam When I hear this young man, the word “good” comes to mind. He’s good, and he should definitely be on Broadway, but that’s the problem. There’s nothing that special about him. He’s good and that’s...really it. Good job and good luck tonight even if you don’t stand out too much compared to some of the other singers this season. Nothing 6th / 5
11. Bir Khalsa Birkhalsagroup I was honestly a little scared for these well would they do tonight? Welp, they just proved tonight that danger has a shot. Without a single doubt, one of the best danger performances I have ever seen on this show. I cringed so hard because so many nerves were going through me during the performance. I’m 100% with Mega on this, this HAS to go through. Best act of the night. Ovation 1st / 10
12. Kodi Lee Kodilee What a gifted man with such a special voice, but honestly this performance just proved to me he’s the next Courtney: he’s already peaked. I thought this was a decent performance and good for him, but I just pitied SOed. I was getting a little bored listening if I’m gonna be honest but he’s going through tonight anyways. I do want to see him perform an upbeat song even though he’s peaked already though, because, sorry guys, he won’t win. But god bless him and his family. Ovation 5th / 5


Top 5:

-Kodi Lee

-Luke Islam

-Voices of Service

-Messoudi Brothers

-Bir Khalsa OR Alex Dowis

Middle 3:

-Bir Khalsa OR Alex Dowis (Dunkin Save)

-Greg Morton (Judges Choice Winner)

-Carmen Carter (Judges Choice Loser)

Bottom 4:

-Emerald Belles

-Ansley Burns

-Sophie Pecora


Final Notes:

  • I don’t care if the bottom 4 is all white females, they all feel like the perfect bottom 4 material tonight. Perhaps Sophie or Emeralds could switch with Carmen, but I think it’ll be Carmen in the middle 3. And besides emerald Belles, all of my predicted bottom 4 are getting a lot of hate.
  • To Chip, the military goes out to fight and protect for our freedom, protection, and rights. Perhaps you may not live in the US so I guess I can get that?...but still, they should not be your least favorite contestant this year for that reason.
  • For the Bir Khalsa/Alex Dowis thing, I think it will be Bir Khalsa top 5 and Alex middle 3 just because considering people voted Aaron Crow into the middle 3 with a BUZZ...I think danger on this show still has a shot. I can see it being Alex too but still. I just can’t see Bir Khalsa being eliminated.
  • I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think this is super unpredictable. Some predictable stuff, some unpredictable. Let’s see what happens tonight.
  • If you made it this far thanks for reading and have a blessed day. If you agree or disagree, then don’t be frighten to share your thoughts too. Just don’t be rude or obnoxious about it. Once again, shout out to Smack. Hopefully the results tonight are good.
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