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Captain & Maybelle was a sideshow duo from Season 6 of America's Got Talent. The pair was eliminated in the Quarterfinals.


The Captain has had a love for sideshow and circus entertainment since his youth. After graduating high school, he set out from his hometown of Douglasville, Georgia and explored the country. He eventually got into the body modification industry but never forgot his love of sideshow. After opening and running two successful piercing studios in South Carolina, he met and fell in love with Maybelle and moved back to his hometown to start his family.

Working at a tattoo studio paid the bills, but the Captain wanted more. Thus began his pursuit of fulfilling his childhood dream of being a "working act" circus performer. While most wives would balk at the thought, Maybelle not only gave her blessing but also jumped in feet first alongside the Captain and became part of his act.

The Captain and Maybelle currently reside in Georgia with their two daughters, Payton and Ava, and their basset hound, Hoss. The Captain works full time as shop manager at a Psycho Tattoo Studio and has been a body piercer since 1994. Maybelle is a full-time homemaker, PTA Co-President and wife. 1


Captain & Maybelle's audition in Episode 606 consisted of "swallowing" a coat hanger and a sword while weighted down by two cement blocks. Piers Morgan buzzed the act. Although Sharon Osbourne voted "No," Piers and Howie Mandel both voted "Yes," sending the act to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round[]

Captain & Maybelle was one of ten acts to advance straight to Hollywood without auditioning in Las Vegas in Episode 611.


Captain & Maybelle's Quarterfinals performance in Episode 617 consisted of dangling objects by hanging them with hooks to one of their tongues, noses, and both eyelids to the background music of "Misirlou." They did not receive enough votes to finish in at least fifth place in America's Vote, eliminating them from the competition in Episode 618 along with Mauricio Herrera and Monet, instead of Lys Agnes.

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