Carling Family
Sex Mixed
Act Jazz Band
Seasons 14
Position Reached Unknown

Carling Family are a jazz band act from Season 14 of America's Got Talent. Whether or not they advanced past the auditions is not known.


The Carling Family is a jazz band that spans three generations, and all family members play several instruments, dance, sing, and they strive to bring the classic Vaudeville style into the new age.  

The Carling Family have toured all over the world; Europe, The United States, Asia, and South America. Only three more continents to go! [1]

Gunhild Carling had previously auditioned, as a soloist, for Season 11. She was seen in a preview at the time but the audition was never televised.


The Carling Family audition in Episode 1405 was only briefly seen. The Carling Family did not advance in to the Judge Cuts stage.

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