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Celina was a singer from Season 15 of America's Got Talent.  She was eliminated in the Semifinals.


Celina Graves grew up in Southern California in a small town called Mira Mesa. She spent all of her childhood around music, as her father is a professional musician. Celina began to notice her musical talents when she was 8 years old, when she began picking up piano and guitar by ear and playing full songs with out any lessons. She started making YouTube videos at 16 years old and gained over 6 million views in a short amount of time.

Aside from being a musician, Celina was also a star athlete, training in an Olympic development program. Although she was hoping to make the USA team, she got injured in a high school basketball game and lost the opportunity. She then began to focus on her music. Celina inspires other artists to be themselves and never change for anyone or anything.


Celina's audition in Episode 1503 consisted of singing "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes", sending her to the next round.

Judge Cuts

Celina automatically advanced to the Quarterfinals without performing in Episode 1508.


Celina's Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1515 consisted of singing London Grammar's "Strong".  Celina finished in 4th, 5th or 6th place in America's Vote.  In the Dunkin' Save, she received more online votes than Bello Sisters and Resound, advancing to the Semifinals in Episode 1516.


Celina's Semifinals performance in Episode 1519 consisted of singing Labrinth's "Jealous".  She did not receive enough votes to advance to the Finals in Episode 1520, eliminating her from the competition instead of Cristina Rae.

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