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Chop and Steele were a comedy duo from Season 13 of America's Got Talent. It is unknown whether or not they continued in the competition.


Chop and Steele are characters portrayed by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher. They are from Wisconsin, and are the founders of the Found Footage Festival, which is an American film festival and live comedy event and featuring unusual and humorous found footage clips and films. [1]

They made headlines in 2017 when they were sued by WEAU-TV’s morning show Hello Wisconsin after duping the show into having them on, claiming that they were an actual strongman duo.

Per their GoFundMe page that was created as a result of said event:

"Hi, we're Joe and Nick from the Found Footage Festival and we need your help. Last November and again in January, we appeared on local morning news shows as a strongman duo called Chop & Steele . We lifted cinder blocks, chopped sticks in half with our bare hands, and crushed baskets with our feet. And in March, we posted short snippets from some of these segments online, hoping to entertain and make a point about how easy it is to get on certain news programs who aren't doing basic fact checking. Then on April 13th, we found out in the New York Post that the parent company of one of the news stations, Gray Television, had filed a lawsuit against us in federal court, claiming copyright infringement, fraud, and conspiracy.

These claims are totally baseless and we've secured a great lawyer, Anderson Duff (that's his real name!), who's working well below his rate to take on these corporate bullies who are trying to suppress our criticism of the news. But even at discount rates, our legal bills are piling up and are expected to reach $100,000 by the end of the trial. We are confident we will win this important First Amendment case but we are suddenly faced with a very real possibility that we'll bankrupt ourselves in the process. In order to continue doing what we do and secure the future of the Found Footage Festival, we need to raise $80,000." [2]


Chop and Steele's audition in Episode 1305 was not televised, but it probably consisted of performing their comedy strength routine, involving stomping on baskets. It is unknown whether or not they continued in the competition.

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