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Connor Doran
Age (at audition) 17
Sex Male
Act Indoor Kite Flyer
Seasons 5
Position Reached Semifinalist

Connor Doran was an indoor kite flyer act from Season 5 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Vegas Round, but he returned for the Wild Card Show. He was later eliminated again in the Semifinals.


Connor began flying three years before his audition at The Bend Kite festival in 2007. With some guidance and advice from some of the best quad line pilots in the world, Connor has come a long way quickly in sport kite competition. Connor flies Indoor Revolution kites and after only three weeks of flying the Indoor Revolution, he won the indoor kite competition at The Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington in 2009. Connor was invited to Lincoln City indoor Kite festival were he performed in *The Mystic Canyons * production show by Aerial Experience Productions.

He performed as an invited flyer at the 2010 Lincoln City Production of * The Canvas* and won the Indoor North West Sport Kite Competition in Experienced landing him the 2010 Experienced Indoor Kite Champion back to back titles.

Auditioning as a 17-year old senior from Bend, Oregon, Connor shares his love of kiting with new fliers as well as learning from the masters who have supported him and helped him in his journey in kiting. 1


Connor Doran's audition in Episode 507 consisted of flying an indoor kite to "Angel." Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel all voted "Yes," sending Connor to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round

Connor Doran was one of the Judges' Favorites in the Vegas Round. He was sorted into the "Kid Acts" category. His performance in Episode 511 consisted of flying an indoor kite to "Hallelujah." His performance was not strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals, eliminating him from the competition along with Popping Kyle, Simeon Mulder, and Kent Jenkins.

Wild Card (Quarterfinals)

Connor Doran was brought back by Howie Mandel for the Wild Card Show in the Quarterfinals. His performance in Episode 523 consisted of flying two connected indoor kites to "You Raise Me Up." He received enough votes to send him to the Semifinals in Episode 524 instead of CJ Dippa.


Connor Doran's Semifinals performance in Episode 525 consisted of flying two connected indoor kites to "Fireflies." Piers Morgan buzzed the act. Connor finished in fifth or sixth place in America's Vote. In the Judges' Choice, although Howie Mandel voted for him, Piers and Sharon Osbourne did not, eliminating him from the competition in Episode 526 instead of Christina & Ali.

After the Show

Connor competed in the 2010 AKA Grand National Championships in Seaside Oregon and earned himself a top three title. He also supported Epilepsy Awareness by performing at the National Epilepsy Foundation Walk in Washington, D.C. in March of 2011. 2

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