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Danielle Yother was a singer and guitarist from Season 11 of America's Got Talent. She was eliminated in the audition round.


Danielle Yother is a singer, songwriter, and musician who plays Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, and Americana music. Danielle was in an issue of Flatpicking Guitar magazine. She is coming out with a CD with the following special guests: Shawn Lane, Patton Wages, Edgar Loudermilk, Sammy Shelor, Jordan Rice, Sierra Hull, Glenn Crain, Brandy Miller, Curtis Bumgarner, Adam Steffey, and more. The CD is being produced by Edgar Loudermilk and Reece Watson.

She has also played onstage with Blue Highway, Sierra Hull and Highway 111, Heather and Shannon Slaughter, Volume 5, The Lonesome River band, Adkins and Loudermilk, Scott Coney (Alan Jackson's guitar player),Wayne Henderson and Helen White, The Boxcars and more. She has jammed with or played for; Steve Martin, Vince Gill, and Rhonda Vincent. She is apart of Kids on Bluegrass, The Henderson Guitar Club, Beta Club, Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars, Pickens First Baptist Student Worship Leader Team, The Pickens High school Bluegrass program, Pickens First Baptist Church, IBMA Membership, and one of the directors for Houston Fest Youth Bluegrass. She plays guitar, mandolin, bass, sings, and writes her own songs. She began playing at the age of 8 in an after school program called YAM (Young Appalachian Musicians). She helps teach the YAMs occasionally when she is not on the road. [1]


Danielle Yother's audition in Episode 1104 consisted of singing Lady Antebellum's "American Honey" while playing the guitar. Simon Cowell halted Danielle's performance before she could finish (without buzzing her). Heidi Klum and Simon voted "No," eliminating Danielle from the competition. Simon later invited her to return next year for another chance. [2]

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