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David & Dania, also known as Quick Change Artists, was a quick change duo from Season 1 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the Semifinals, but it returned for the Wild Card Show. They finished in the Bottom 5 (of the Top 10).


David Michael Maas & Dania Kaseeva both come from backgrounds of entertainment. They met twelve years prior to their audition. Dania previously did a Hula Hoop act, and the duo met after David saw a performance of her in a first-row seat. [1]


David & Dania - Quick Change's audition in Episode 103 consisted of performing a quick change act in which the couple both changed outfits very quickly seemingly through magic. Piers MorganBrandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff all voted "Yes," sending the act to the Semifinals.


David & Dania's Week 4 Semifinals performance consisted of performing a similar Quick Change act with different clothes and different background music. Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff all gave the duo "✓" votes. David & Dania finished in second place in America's Vote, eliminating them from the competition in Episode 111 instead of first-place vote-getter Celtic Spring.

Wild Card[]

David & Dania were brought back for the Wild Card Show because they finished in second place in America's vote in Week 4. Their performance in Episode 112 consisted of performing a similar Quick Change act to their previous performances with some different clothes and a different wig to "Eye of the Tiger." Although Piers Morgan voted "X," noting their lack of change between performances, Brandy Norwood and David Hasselhoff both gave David & Dania "✓" votes. David & Dania finished in first place in America's Vote, sending them to the Finals in Episode 113 instead of second-place vote-getter Nathan Burton.


Before their performance, David & Dania were guided by celebrity coach Steve Valentine. David & Dania's Finals performance in Episode 114 consisted of performing another Quick Change act to the song "Fire." The duo ended their performance by utilizing Brandy Norwood in the act doing her own Quick Change. Although Piers Morgan voted "X," claiming David was hillariously arrogant for refusing to change the act enough, Brandy Norwood, and David Hasselhoff both gave David & Dania "✓" votes.


At the finale, David & Dania were eliminated from the competition in Episode 115 after they were revealed that they finished the competition in the Bottom 5 of the Top 10.

After the Show[]

David & Dania made guest performances during results shows in Season 2 and Season 5 (in Episode 522) of America's Got Talent.

In 2017, they made a guest appearance on Season 19 of Big Brother as part of a Head of Household competition.

In November of 2020 David Maas passed away due to complications from Covid-19[2].


  • David & Dania are one of only two quick change magic acts to reach the final, the other being Léa Kyle in Season 16.
  • David and Dania were the last audition of Season 1 to be televised.

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