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David Hasselhoff
Age 53-57
Sex Male
Occupation Actor, Singer, Producer, TV Personality, Businessman
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4

David Hasselhoff (born July 17, 1952) served as a judge on Seasons 1-4 of America's Got Talent.


David Hasselhoff was born David Michael Hasselhoff on July 17, 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a child, Hasselhoff and his family moved frequently and the relatively shy youngster became interested in acting, singing and dancing. He attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Michigan and the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. In 1973, he landed a regular role on the soap opera, The Young and The Restless.

In 1982, Hasselhoff moved to prime time to star in Knight Rider. He played Michael Knight on the show, and his character fought all types of crimes and misdeeds with the help of a super car called KITT. Veteran actor William Daniels provided the voice for KITT. The series quickly became a huge success in the United States and overseas and made him one of the most recognizable actors on television. The acclaim helped Hasselhoff launch his music career, which has been particularly successful in Europe.

Knight Rider ended in 1986, but Hasselhoff wasn't off the air for long. In 1989, he returned to television to produce and star in the series Baywatch. He played Mitch Bucannon, who oversaw a group of lifeguards in California. The beachy adventure show had a rocky start, and it moved from network television to syndicated television after its first season. But it soon developed a following, especially overseas. In addition to Hasselhoff, Baywatch also featured Yasmine Bleeth, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. The series ran until 2000 and even launched two spin-off series, Baywatch Nights and Baywatch Hawaii.

Since the end of Baywatch, Hasselhoff has tackled a variety of projects. He made his debut on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde in 2000, playing the title character. Since then, Hasselhoff has appeared in a number of different theatrical productions, including a run in The Producers in Las Vegas in 2007. It was during this time that his daughter Taylor created the now infamous video of a drunk Hasselhoff trying to eat a cheeseburger. Soon after the incident, Hasselhoff reportedly worked to get sober. He told People magazine that "Thanks to the tape, I realized this was a problem that I needed to deal with."

With his daughters Taylor and Hayley, he branched out into reality television on The Hasselhoffs, a short-lived series in 2010. That same year, Hasselhoff competed on Dancing With the Stars.

Hasselhoff continues to work in television and theater. In 2012, he performed a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Hasselhoff also appeared in Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice that same year. [1]

In 2016, Hasselhoff made an appearance in Talent Suomi, the Finnish version of Got Talent, as a guest judge during auditions.

Judging Character[]

David, while generally fun-loving and easygoing, was the second most strict judge on the panel next to Piers Morgan. Typically, if any judge other than Piers were to buzz, it would be David.

Other Appearances[]

Appearance after Host[]

During AGT The Champions Colin Cloud's performance, he told Howie to say a letter, L and a number 3. Then he told a lady to stand up and told her to say a celebrity. However, before this, Simon, Mel and Heidi had pressed their buzzers as Colin told them to do, and said if the celebrity didn't appear on his cloth then he told Howie to press his buzzer, eliminating him. He got it right, and afterwards he told the person in L3 to stand up and it was David Hasselhoff.


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