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DeanO and Friends were a clown group from Season 4 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the audition round.


Dean Cotton has been clowning as “DeanO T. Clown” since 2001. He is a member in good standing of World Clown Association and Clowns of America International. He is the founding member of Clowns With New Hope, a local clown troupe in Fayetteville, Georgia.

DeanO T. has performed in local venues, with an emphasis on caring clowning at hospitals and assisted living facilities. He also performs at schools, churches and community events. Performance opportunities have taken him across both the Pacific Ocean to Japan and the Atlantic Ocean to England, Wales and the mid-East. DeanO and the Clowns With New Hope travel about Georgia in style on the back of a fully restored 1961 Ford Fire Truck complete with a 32 pipe, 5 instrument calliope.

Dean teaches classes in the art of clowning in Fayetteville, “Sharing God’s Love Through Laughter.” He also attends seminars, camps, classes and retreats throughout the year. Prior to 2001, Dean was found primarily in Ford Motor Company engineering offices and assembly plants in Dearborn, Michigan; Lorain, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and Atlanta, Georgia. Dean retired from Ford in November after the Atlanta Assembly Plant closed. 1


DeanO and Friends' audition in Episode 402 consisted of running on stage and falling to the ground during a levitation trick. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff all buzzed the act. All three judges voted "No", eliminating the group from the competition.

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