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Don McMillan was a comedian from Season 17 of America's Got Talent. He finished in 3rd place in his Semifinals week and was nominated for the Wild Card vote, but did not advance.


Based in the San Francisco area, Don worked as an engineer for 15 years before quitting his job to pursue comedy full time, specializing in technical and corporate comedy. He was a contestant on Star Search in 1993.


Don McMillan's audition in Episode 1708 consisted of performing stand-up comedy using charts as a prop to illustrate the difference between nerds and geeks. Although Simon Cowell voted "No", Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara voted "Yes", sending him to the next round.


Don was selected to advance to the Semifinals.


Don McMillan's Semifinals performance in Episode 1710 consisted of performing a stand-up routine about how engineers do things better and tech peeves using charts on a screen as a prop. Howie Mandel gave him a standing ovation. He received enough votes to enter the Top 5 of the night in Episode 1711 instead of Ava Swiss, and the top 3 instead of Amoukanama and Players Choir. He finished in 3rd place on the night behind Drake Milligan and Avery Dixon, eliminating him from the competition.

Wild Card/Finale[]

In Episode 1719, he was nominated by Howie Mandel for the Instant Save Wild Card vote, but did not receive enough votes to return as the 11th finalist. He was part of Mike E. Winfield's "Roast of Simon Cowell" alongside fellow eliminated comedians Mr. Pants and Lace Larrabee in Episode 1721.


  • Both votes where Don was eliminated in Semifinal 1 and the Finals Wild Card were according to Terry the most close votes of the season with it later being revealed Don missed out by finals by 2% of the vote in the semifinals during the wild card announcements to Avery Dixon.
    • It is speculated that a reason Howie nominated him as a wildcard instead of his Golden Buzzer act Maddie is because of how close the Semifinal vote was.

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