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The eighth episode of Season 1, and the eighth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on July 26, 2006. It was the third of five Semifinals performance episodes and took place in Hollywood. 10 acts performed for two spots in the Season 1 Finals. 4 acts from this episode were eliminated without performing.

Rappin' Granny was chosen by the judges to be in the Finals without being voted on by America, while the rest of the acts awaited the voting results the next day.


Color Meaning
Judges' Choice
Name Image Act Piers Brandy David
1. Team AcroDunk Teamacrodunk.jpg Basketball Dunking Group Check.png Check.png Check.png
2. Caitlyn Taylor Love Caitlyntaylorlove.jpg Singer X.png Check.png Check.png
3. Sonia Lee Sonialee.jpg Electric Violinist X.png Check.png Check.png
4. Elliot Zimet Elliotzimet.jpg Magician X.png X.png X.png
5. Ten13Concept Ten13concept.jpg Band X.png X.png X.png
6. Rappin' Granny Rappin'granny.jpg Rapper Check.png Check.png Check.png
7. Nathan Burton Nathanburton.jpg Magician Check.png Check.png Check.png
8. Bianca Ryan Biancaryan.jpg Singer Check.png Check.png Check.png
9. Kenny Shelton Kennyshelton.jpg Juggler Check.png Check.png Check.png
10. Trey Knight's Stilt World Treyknight'sstiltworld.jpg Stilt Group X.png X.png Check.png

Eliminated without Performing

Billy Januario
Marla and Michelle


  • Donald Trump appeared as a guest on this episode.