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The tenth episode of Season 1, and the tenth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 2, 2006. It was the fourth of five Semifinals performance episodes and took place in Hollywood. 10 acts performed for two spots in the Season 1 Finals. 4 acts from this episode were eliminated without performing.

Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone was chosen by the judges to be in the Finals without being voted on by America, while the rest of the acts awaited the voting results the next day.


Color Meaning
Judges' Choice
Name Image Act Piers Brandy David
1. Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone Jon&owen-thepassingzone.jpg Comedy Juggler Duo Check.png Check.png Check.png
2. Celtic Spring Celticspring.jpg Violin and Irish Dance Group X.png Check.png Check.png
3. Sean and John Seanandjohn.jpg Tap Dancers Check.png Check.png Check.png
4. Lilia Stepanova Liliastepanova.jpg Contortionist Archer Check.png Check.png Check.png
5. Dave Smith One Man Sideshow Davesmithonemansideshow.jpg Sideshow Performer X.png Check.png X.png
6. David & Dania - Quick Change David&dania-quickchange.jpg Quick Change Act Check.png Check.png Check.png
7. George Kelly Georgekelly.jpg Singer Check.png Check.png Check.png
8. Michelle L'amour Michellel'amour.jpg Burlesque Dancer X.png X.png Check.png
9. King Charles Troupe Kingcharlestroupe.jpg Unicyclist Group Check.png X.png Check.png
10. Desperation Squad Desperationsquad.jpg Rock Band X.png X.png Check.png

Eliminated without Performing

Aaron Burr
Conrad Wright
Daniel Colin
Ivan Pecel