The eleventh episode of Season 1, and the eleventh episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 3, 2006. It was the fourth of five Semifinals results episodes and took place in Hollywood.

Celtic Spring was revealed to be the top vote-getter of the acts who performed in the previous episode. It joined Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone from the same episode in the Finals.

Moving On

Name Image Act Result
Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone Jon&owen-thepassingzone Comedy Juggler Duo Judges' Choice
Celtic Spring Celticspring Violin and Irish Dance Group Viewers' Choice


David & Dania - Quick Change was revealed to have finished in second place in America's Vote, eliminating it from the competition; however, it was automatically given one of the ten spots in the Wild Card Show for previously eliminated acts. George Kelly, Lilia Stepanova, Michelle L'amour, and Sean and John finished in the Top 6.

Color Meaning
Viewers' 2nd + Wild Card
Top 6
Dave Smith One Man Sideshow
David & Dania - Quick Change
Desperation Squad
George Kelly
King Charles Troupe
Lilia Stepanova
Michelle L'amour
Sean and John

Guest Performers

Weird and Wacky Talents

  • 1. The Great Stamen Show, Teeth Drummer (Moved On)
  • 2. Skylar Aud, Helium Singer
  • 3. Sammi Pryor, Ear Musician
  • 4. Alexis & Alicia, Novelty Vocal Duo