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The fifteenth episode of Season 1, and the fifteenth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 17, 2006. It was the Finale results episode and took place in Hollywood.

Bianca Ryan was revealed to be the winner of Season 1 of America's Got Talent and one million dollars.

All That and The Millers finished as runner-ups.

This was the last episode that both Brandy Norwood and Regis Philbin appeared in. They were replaced by Sharon Osbourne and Jerry Springer respectively in Season 2.

Guest Performers


While Regis Philbin sang "There's No Business like Show Business," seven previously eliminated acts appeared on stage to celebrate the end of the first season.

Bobby Badfingers
Dave the Horn Guy
Holy Cow
Kenny Shelton
Leonid the Magnificent
Michelle L'amour
Nathan Burton

Wild and Wacky Talents

The winner of the six-week long Wild and Wacky Talents competition won a 2007 Dodge Caliber RT.

  • 1. Rudi Macaggi, Acrobat (Winner)
  • 2. Duane Flatmo, Eggbeater Guitarist (Moved On)
  • 3. The Great Stamen Show, Teeth Drummer
  • 4. The Douglas Lee, Glass Harpist
  • 5. Dave Nakfoor, Egg Mouth Catcher


Bottom 5

Name Image Act
At Last Atlast.jpg Vocal Group
David & Dania - Quick Change David&dania-quickchange.jpg Quick Change Act
Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone Jon&owen-thepassingzone.jpg Comedy Juggler Duo
Rappin' Granny Rappin'granny.jpg Rapper
Realis Realis.jpg Acrobatic Dancer Duo


Even though All That and The Millers did not win, they were awarded with 2007 Dodge Caliber RT's for coming close.

Name Image Act Placement
Celtic Spring Celticspring.jpg Violin/Irish Dance Group 4th/5th
Taylor Ware Taylorware.jpg Singer/Yodeler 4th/5th
All That Allthat1.jpg Clogging Group 2nd/3rd
The Millers Themillers.jpg Singer/Guitarist and Harmonicist 2nd/3rd


Name Image Act Placement
Bianca Ryan Biancaryan.jpg Singer 1st