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The thirteenth episode of Season 13, and the three hundredth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 21, 2018. It was the second of three Quarterfinals performance episodes and took place in the Dolby Theatre. 12 acts performed for 7 spots in the Semifinals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation.png Standing Ovation
X.png Buzzer
Name Image Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon
1. Makayla Phillips Makaylaphillips.png Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png
2. Da RepubliK Darepublik.png Dance Group Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png
3. Noah Guthrie Noahguthrie.png Singer/Guitarist Ovation.png
4. Yumbo Dump Yumbodump.png Comedy Duo Ovation.png * X.png *
5. Samuel J. Comroe Samuelj.comroe.png Stand-up Comedian Ovation.png
6. Voices of Hope Children's Choir Voicesofhopechildren'schoir.png Choir Ovation.png Ovation.png
7. The Savitsky Cats Thesavitskycats.png Cat Act Ovation.png
8. Glennis Grace Glennisgrace.png Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png
9. The Sacred Riana Thesacredriana.png Illusionist
10. Quin and Misha Quinandmisha.png Ballroom Dance Duo Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png
11. Front Pictures Frontpictures.png Multimedia Performance Act Ovation.png Ovation.png
12. Duo Transcend Duotranscend.png Trapeze Duo Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png

*Simon and Mel originally buzzed Yumbo Dump, but later retracted their buzzers.


  • This is the first time during the Live Shows that a judge retracted their buzz.
  • AGT cut to a commercial break directly following The Sacred Riana's performance, before the judges commented. This caused a huge controversy on social media. It was later confirmed that the commercial was intentional by a leaked production document. [1]