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The ninth episode of Season 17, and the three hundred and ninety-fifth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 2, 2022. It is the ninth and final audition episode. 12 acts from this episode proceeded to the next round, and 1 act was rejected.

Howie Mandel was not present for the second half of the episode, therefore only 2 "Yes" votes were required for an act to advance.

Following the completion of the auditions, the judges gathered at Simon Cowell's house to begin the Deliberations phase of the competition.

Moved On[]

Name Image Act Howie Heidi Sofia Simon
Emily Bland Emilybland Novelty Act Check Check Check Question-Mark
Mind2Mind Mind2mind Mentalist Duo Check Check Check Check
Aubrey Burchell Aubreyburchell Singer Check Check Check Check
Penny Starr Sr. Pennystarrsr Burlesque Dancer Check Check Check Check
Mr. Moo Shakes Mrmooshakes Drummer Check X Check Check
Bay Turner Bayturner Singer Check Check Check Check
Waffle Waffle Jump Rope Group Check Check Check
Neguin Neguin Dancer Check Check Check
Unreal Crew Unrealcrew Dance Group Check Check Check
David Snyder Davidsnyder Pianist Check Check Check
Camille K Camillek Singer and Guitarist Check Check Check
The Nerveless Nocks Nervelessnocks.png Daredevil Duo Check Check Check


Name Image Act Howie Heidi Sofia Simon
The LADS Thelads Acrobat Duo X Check Check X


Full Deliberation Results: Season 17 Deliberations


  • This is the first audition episode in the show's history in which no acts were buzzed and the second in which no buzzes were televised, the first being Episode 803.
  • This is the first audition episode in the show's history in which a judge voted "?"
  • Only one act from this episode made it to the live shows. This is the second such audition episode from which only one act advanced to the live shows, the first being Episode 1607.