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The second episode of Season 4, and the forty-ninth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on June 24, 2009. It was the second of ten auditions episodes and took place in Seattle and Miami. 8 acts from this episode proceeded to the Vegas Round, and 7 acts were rejected.

Moved On

Name Image Act Piers Sharon David
Manuela Horn Manuelahorn.png Yodeler Check.png Check.png Check.png
The Comic-Bots Thecomic-bots.png Robot Band Check.png Check.png
Tom Durnin Tomdurnin.png Dancer and Magician Check.png
G-Force G-force.png Rock Band X.png Check.png Check.png
Erik and Rickie Erikandrickie.png Ballroom Dancers Check.png Check.png Check.png
Drew Thomas Drewthomasmagic.png Magician Check.png Check.png Check.png
Alizma Alizma.png Vocal Violin Trio Check.png Check.png Check.png
Arcadian Broad Arcadianbroad.png Dancer Check.png Check.png Check.png


Name Image Act Piers Sharon David
Rafael Serrano Rafaelserrano.png Singer X.png Check.png X.png
Jennifer Guadix Jenniferguadix.png Dancer and Contortionist X.png X.png X.png
Janifer James Janiferjames.png Burlesque Dancer X.png X.png X.png
Veniamin Shows Veniaminshows.png Novelty Act X.png X.png X.png
Tim Monteith Timmonteith.png Puppeteer Dancer X.png X.png X.png
DeanO and Friends Deanoandfriends.png Clown Group X.png X.png X.png
Dan Diaz Dandiaz.png Bucket Balancer X.png X.png X.png