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The twenty-first episode of Season 4, and the sixty-eighth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on September 1, 2009. It was the first of two Semifinals performance episodes and took place in Hollywood. 10 acts performed for 4 spots in the Finals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation.png Standing Ovation
X.png Buzzer
Name Image Act Piers Sharon David
1. Acrodunk Acrodunk.png Basketball Dunking Group Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png
2. The Texas Tenors Thetexastenors.png Vocal Trio
3. Paradizo Dance Paradizodance.png Balancing Acrobat Duo
4. Drew Thomas Magic Drewthomasmagic.png Magician X.png
5. Tony Hoard & Rory Tonyhoard&rory.png Dog Act Ovation.png
6. The Voices of Glory Thevoicesofglory.png Vocal Trio
7. Fab Five Fabfive.png Clogging Group
8. Grandma Lee Grandmalee.png Stand-up Comedienne
9. Arcadian Broad Arcadianbroad.png Ballet Dancer
10. Kevin Skinner Kevinskinner.png Country Singer/Guitarist Ovation.png