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The seventeenth episode of Season 6, and the one hundred and twenty-second ever episode of America's Got Talent, aired on July 26, 2011. It was the third Quarterfinals performance episode and took place in Hollywood. 12 acts performed for 4 spots in the Semifinals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation.png Standing Ovation
X.png Buzzer
Name Image Act Piers Sharon Howie
1. Summerwind Skippers Summerwindskippers.jpg Jump Rope Team
2. SH'Boss Boys Sh'bossboys.jpg Rapping Dancers
3.  Mauricio Herrera Mauricioherrera.jpg Singer and Dancer X.png X.png
4. Seth Grabel Sethgrabel.jpg Acrobatic Magician
5. POPLYFE Poplyfe.jpg Band Ovation.png Ovation.png
6. Ian Johnson Ianjohnson.jpg Yo-Yoer X.png
7. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Landaueugenemurphy,jr..jpg Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png
8. Purrfect Angelz Purrfectangelz.jpg Dance Group X.png
9. Monét Monet.jpg Singer
10. Captain & Maybelle Captain&maybelle.jpg Sideshow Performers
11. Lys Agnès Lysagnes.jpg Opera Singer Ovation.png Ovation.png

12. Professor Splash

Professorsplash.jpg High Diver Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png