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The nineteenth episode of Season 6, and the one hundred and twenty-fourth ever episode of America's Got Talent, aired on August 2, 2011. It was the fourth Quarterfinals performance episode and took place in Hollywood. 12 acts performed for 4 spots in the Semifinals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation.png Standing Ovation
X.png Buzzer
Name Image Act Piers Sharon Howie
1. The Kinetic King Thekineticking.jpg Chain Reaction Gadget Builder X.png X.png
2. Zuma Zuma Zumazuma.jpg Acrobatic Group Ovation.png Ovation.png
3. Avery and the Calico Hearts Averyandthecalicohearts.jpg Vocal Group
4. Charles Peachock Charlespeachock.jpg Juggler X.png X.png
5. Sam B Samb.jpg Dancer X.png
6. Taylor Davis Taylordavis.jpg Singer and Guitarist X.png
7. Melissa Villasenor Melissavillasenor.jpg Comedic Impressionist
8. Scott Alexander Scottalexander.jpg Magician
9. Fatally Unique Fatallyunique.jpg Dance Group

10. Yellow Designs

Stunt Team

Yellowdesignsstuntteam.jpg Stunt Bike Group
11. Frank Miles Frankmiles.jpg Daredevil

12. Team iLuminate

Teamiluminate.jpg Light-up Suit Dance Group Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png