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The eighth episode of Season 7, and the one hundred and forty-fifth ever episode of America's Got Talent, aired on June 5, 2012. It was the eighth auditions episode and took place in Austin. 7 acts from this episode proceeded to the Vegas Round, and 8 acts were rejected.

Moved On

Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie
Aurora Light Painters Auroralightpainters.jpg Light Painting Group Check.png Check.png Check.png
Eric & Olivia Eric&olivia.jpg Guitarist and Singer Check.png Check.png X.png
Eric Dittelman Ericdittelman.jpg Mind Reader Check.png Check.png Check.png
Summer Lacy Summerlacy.jpg Aerialist Check.png Check.png Check.png
Nikki Jensen Nikkijensen.jpg Singer and Guitarist Check.png Check.png Check.png
Elusive Elusive.jpg Dancer Check.png Check.png Check.png
Andrew De Leon Andrewdeleon.jpg Opera Singer Check.png Check.png Check.png


Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie
Albert Berken Albertberken.png Singer/Dancer/Acrobat X.png X.png X.png
Michael Reed Michaelreed.png Washboard Player X.png X.png X.png
Joe Bjerg Joebjerg.png Rapper and Dancer X.png X.png X.png
Doppelganger Circus Sideshow Doppelgangercircussideshow.jpg Sideshow Act X.png X.png X.png
JADA Jada.jpg Vocal Group X.png X.png X.png
The Inflatamaniacs Theinflatamaniacs.jpg Dance Group X.png X.png X.png
Cubby Cubby.jpg Dancer X.png X.png X.png
Richard Grossman Richardgrossman.jpg Opera Singer X.png X.png X.png