The tenth episode of Season 7, and the one hundred and forty-seventh ever episode of America's Got Talent, aired on June 18, 2012. It was the tenth and final auditions episode. 10 acts from this episode proceeded to the Vegas Round, and 8 acts were rejected.

Moved On

Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie
Lil Starr Lilstarr Tap Dancer X Check Check
Benn Mendoza Circus Bennmendozacircus Circus Group X Check Check
The All Ways Theallways Band Check Check Check
The Williams Bruthuz Thewilliamsbruthuz Dancers Check Check X
Octavius Womack Octaviuswomack Singer Check Check Check  
Frank Roche Frankroche Comedic Impressionist X Check Check
The Two Bits Thetwobits Tap Dancers Check Check Check
Jacob Williams Jacobwilliams Stand-up Comedian Check Check Check
787 Crew 787crew Dance Group Check Check Check
Mary Joyner Maryjoyner Singer Check Check Check


Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie
Smooch Piggy Smoochpiggy Pig Act X Check X
Jim Adkins Jimadkins Martial Artist X X
CeZara Russu Cezararussu Rapper and Dancer X X X  
Dreamer Zo Dreamerzo Dancer X X X  
Debbie Victor Debbievictor Ballet Dancer and Animal Impressionist X X X
Hartel Dance Group Harteldancegroup Dance Group X   
Trish Paytas Trishpaytas Rapper Check X X
Mark Ofuji Markofuji Comedic Impressionist X X X

Untelevised Accepted Acts

Since this was the final audition episode of the season, the Vegas Round acts whose auditions were not aired are listed below, with their known verdicts.

Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie
Roxy Doll Roxydoll Singer Check Check Check
Brianna Price Briannaprice Singer and Guitarist Check Check Check
Cecilia Detwiler Ceciliadetwiler Singer Check Check Check
Justin Rivera Justinrivera Magician Check X Check
Sammy Obeid Sammyobeid Comedian Check Check Check
Daniel Park Danielpark Singer and Guitarist Check Check
Giani Giani Magician Check X Check
The Cos Fam Thecosfam Dance Trio Check Check Check
Tevin McGuire Tevinmcguire Singer Check Check Check
Rob Hayes Robhayes Rapper Check Check X
Battle Born Battleborn Dance Group Check Check X
Old Shoes, New Shoes Oldshoes,newshoes Tap Dancers Check Check X
Kota Sports Kotasports Scooter Stunt Team Check Check Check
Lil Babywockee Lilbabywockee Dancer X Check Check

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