The twenty-second episode of Season 7, and the one hundred and fifty-ninth ever episode of America's Got Talent, aired on August 14, 2012. It was the fifth Quarterfinals performance episode and took place in Newark.

Drew Erwin, who won a spot in the Quarterfinals by receiving the most votes in a poll on YouTube, and 11 other YouTube acts selected by the judges competed. The 12 acts performed for 4 spots in the Semifinals.

Full Episode

2012~ 22

2012~ 22. YouTube submissions perform live ~ America's Got Talent


Symbol Meaning
Ovation Standing Ovation
X Buzzer
Name Image Act Howard Sharon Howie

1. Clint Carvalho

& His Extreme Parrots

Clintcarvalho&hisextremeparrots Parrot Trainer Ovation Ovation Ovation
2. Reverse Order Reverseorder Band
3. Rudy Coby Rudycoby Magician X X
4. 7 in Unison 7inunison Dance Group X
5. Drew Erwin Drewerwin Singer and Guitarist
6. Melinda Hill Melindahill Stand-up Comedienne
7. Eric Buss Ericbuss Novelty Act X X
8. Romeo Dance Cheetah Romeodancecheetah Air Guitarist X X
9. The Magic of Puck Themagicofpuck Magician
10. Bria Kelly Briakelly Singer
11. Cast in Bronze Castinbronze Carillon Player X X X
12. Academy of Villains Academyofvillains Dance Group Ovation Ovation


This episode currently holds the record for most amount of buzzes in a single quarterfinal episode with 10.

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