The twelfth episode of Season 8, and the one hundred and eightieth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on July 30, 2013. It was the second Quarterfinals episode and took place in New York. 12 acts performed for 4 spots in the Semifinals.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation Standing Ovation
Name Image Act Howard Heidi Mel B Howie
1. Innovative Force Innovativeforce Acrobatic Dance Group  
2. Ciana Pelekai Cianapelekai Singer Ovation
3. Alexandr Magala Alexandrmagala Sword Swallower  
4. Struck Boyz Struckboyz Hip-Hop Dance Group
5. Brad Byers Bradbyers Sideshow Performer
6. Kid the Wiz Kidthewiz Dancer
7. Forte Forte

Opera Trio

Ovation Ovation Ovation
8. Angela Hoover Angelahoover Comedic Impressionist
9. Dave Shirley Daveshirley Comedian
10. Marty Brown Martybrown Singer and Guitarist  
11. Aquanuts Aquanuts Synchronized Swimmers  
12. Tone the Chiefrocca Tonethechiefrocca


Ovation Ovation Ovation 


  • Five of the acts that performed in this episode debuted in Episode 801.


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