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The twentieth episode of Season 8, and the one hundred and eighty-eighth episode of America's Got Talent overall, aired on August 27, 2013. It was the first Semifinals episode and took place in New York, in Radio City Music Hall. 12 acts performed for 6 spots in the Finals. At the beginning of this episode, Nick Cannon told us that The KriStef Brothers had an accident and wouldn't be able to perform. Their were postponed for Episode 822 and were replaced for the night by Howie Mandel's Wild Card pick, Red Panda.


Symbol Meaning
Ovation.png Standing Ovation
X.png Buzzer
Name Image Act Howard Heidi Mel B Howie

1. Tone the Chiefrocca

Tonethechiefrocca.jpg Rapper X.png Ovation.png
2. Red Panda Redpanda.jpg Acrobat
3. Angela Hoover Angelahoover.jpg Comedic Impressionist
4. Duo Resonance Duoresonance.jpg Balancing Acrobats
5. Collins Key Collinskey.jpg Magician
6. Innovative Force Innovativeforce.jpg Acrobatic Dance Group Ovation.png
7. Dave Fenley Davefenley.jpg Singer and Guitarist Ovation.png
8. Taylor Williamson Taylorwilliamson.jpg Stand-up Comedian Ovation.png Ovation.png
9. Jonathan Allen Jonathanallen.jpg Opera Singer
10. Catapult Entertainment Catapult.jpg Shadow Dance Group
11. Cami Bradley Camibradley.jpg Singer
12. Forte Forte.jpg Opera Trio Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png Ovation.png