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Fast Wally was a juggler from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. He was possibly eliminated in the Vegas Round.


Wally Eastwood is the longest playing Comedy Juggler in Las Vegas History. With over 20 years and more than 10,000 shows in Las Vegas alone.

He began charming audiences at the age of 7. Born into a six-generation family of acrobatic trapeze artists, it didn’t take long before Wally decided to keep his feet on the ground (he was afraid of heights). Wally has since won many International awards for his talents. Performing in over 25 different countries, he has become a widely versatile performer. Wally’s motivation for performing still lies in the audience interaction.

Wally Eastwood can be seen nightly in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel as the Host of “V” the Ultimate Variety Show.


Fast Wally's audition in Episode 305 consisted of juggling at a very fast speed. Sharon Osbourne and at least one other judge voted "Yes," sending Wally to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round

It is unknown whether or not Fast Wally was present during the Vegas Round as he was never seen, but even if he was, he did not advance to the Quarterfinals.

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