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Flewnt & Inkabee are a rap duo from Season 19 of America's Got Talent.


Flewnt & Inkabee’s real names are Josh and Ethan Eggington. The duo are a father-and-son rap duo who are from Perth, Australia. Alongside Inkabee, Flewnt has 4 other children. Flewnt was but 16 when Inkabee was born. He believes that the best music he ever makes is the music that he makes with his youngest son by his side.

Flewnt has been releasing music since 2018, however Inkabee only recently started to release music in 2023. Inkabee was aged but 7 when he released his first song.


Flewnt & Inkabee’s audition in Episode 1904 consisted of the duo performing an original rap song entitled “We Dat Good”. All 4 judges voted "Yes", sending them to the next round.


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