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Fritzy Rosmerian was a magician who competed on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, competing on Howie Mandel's team. She was eliminated in the Preliminaries.


Fritzy Rosmerian hails from Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2022, she placed in the Top 5 of the third season of Indonesia’s Got Talent and her performance in the Final contained a guest appearance from The Sacred Riana.

Fantasy League Nominations[]

Fritzy Rosmerian was nominated as one of the Top 40 acts, sending her through to the Draft Pool.

Fantasy League Draft Pool[]

Fritzy was drafted onto Howie Mandel's team.

Fantasy League Preliminary[]

Fritzy Rosmerian's preliminary performance in Episode FL03 consisted of performing a mentalist routine with the judges and her childhood teddy bear. Howie Mandel gave her a standing ovation. She did not receive enough votes to advance to the Semifinals, eliminating her from the competition instead of Yu Hojin.

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