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Géométrie Variable were a dance group from Season 13 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the audition round.


Géométrie Variable is a French dance group consisting of Sadeck Waff Berrabah, Bouzid Ait-Atmane, Ammar Benbouzid, and Kanon Ghetto-Style. [1]

Géométrie Variable competed on France's Got Talent in 2017, finishing in fifth place. They competed on the same Semifinal as AGT Season 11 act Deadly Games. Géométrie Variable advanced past that round while Deadly Games did not. In the Finals they competed against, and placed higher than, fellow Season 13 act Zurcaroh. [2]

Also in 2017 the group appeared on the fourth season of the Italian competition series Tu Si Que Vales [3]

Group leader Sadeck had previously competed on Arab's Got Talent in 2015 with a different group, called Very Bad Team. They reached the Finals. [4]


Géométrie Variable's audition in Episode 1305 consisted of performing a dance routine where the members formed different shapes with their arms. The verdict was not televised, but although Howie Mandel and Mel B voted "Yes", Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell both voted "No", eliminating the group from the competition.

After The Show

Géometrie Variable auditioned for the 4th season of World of Dance in 2020.  They advanced all the way to the World Final, finishing in 3rd place. Géometrie Variable won the 8th season of Tu Si Que Vales in 2021.

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