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Grace Good was an hula hoop artist from Season 18 of America's Got Talent. She was eliminated in the Semifinals. She returned for America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, competing on Heidi Klum's team where she was eliminated in the Semifinals.


Grace Good left the judges astounded after her fiery aerial audition. The Las Vegas circus entertainer specializes in a unique blend of hula hoops, fire performance stunts and aerial acrobatics by combining her incredible skills into one jaw-dropping performance. Grace has performed at various events all over the U.S., including the NBA playoffs half-time shows and corporate events, as well as large stage and television productions. With millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, her performance videos have gone viral across the globe. With a dream to headline her own show in Las Vegas, Grace is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible within her artistry and is excited to see where this journey will take her.

In 2021, Grace performed on the first season of TBS’ Go-Big Show, however was eliminated in the Qualifiers after losing the first qualifier match-up of the show against Freestyle BMX performer Kurtis Downs who came 4th overall in the Final by six points, as she scored 90 points and he scored 96 points.


Grace Good's audition in Episode 1803 consisted of performing an aerial hula hoop routine to a cover of "Bad to the Bone". All 4 judges voted "Yes", sending her to the next round.


Grace Good was selected to advance to the Semifinals.


Grace Good's Semifinals performance in Episode 1818 consisted of an aerial routine on silks incorporating flaming hula hoops and the flaming dragon staff to Ganyos' "The Show". Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara gave her standing ovations. She did not receive enough votes to enter the top 5 of the night in Episode 1819, eliminating her from the competition instead of Eduardo Antonio Trevino.

After The Show[]

Later in 2023, Good would set the record for most fire hoops spun simultaneously.

Fantasy League Nominations[]

Grace Good was nominated as one of the top 40 acts, sending her through to the Draft Pool.

Fantasy League Draft Pool[]

Grace was drafted onto Heidi Klum's team.

Fantasy League Preliminary[]

Grace Good's Preliminary performance in Episode FL02 consisted of performing a hula hoop routine on aerial silks and on a ball as well as twirling flaming batons to Sam Ryder's "Space Man". Heidi Klum gave her a standing ovation. She received enough votes to advance to the Semifinals instead of Piff the Magic Dragon.

Fantasy League Semifinals[]

Grace Good's Semifinal performance in Episode FL06 consisted of performing a flaming hula hoop and baton routine to 2WEI & Edda Hayes' "Burn". Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Simon Cowell all gave her standing ovations. She did not receive enough votes to enter the top 3 of the night, eliminating her from the competition.

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