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Hartel Dance Group was a dance group from Season 7 of America's Got Talent. It was eliminated in the audition round.


The Hartel Dance Group is a new dance theater production company focused on developing dramatic forms of physical expression and expanding the dance audience. The company has held a dynamic presence in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas, performing since 2006. Nancy Condit, of the The City Sentinel states “Hartel Dance Group brings first‐class performance to Oklahoma City." Hartel Dance Group brings dance performance and education to new communities throughout Oklahoma and beyond, presenting passionate and athletic work that explores physical and emotional human boundaries, and seeks to communicate with audiences on a visceral level.

Hartel Dance Group has gained a committed following through their performances at 2010’s Opening Night New Year’s events, Rose State College Performing Arts Center during the 2010 season, and the New Genre Festival in Tulsa, OK, 2009. As part of the company’s commitment to developing the arts and cultural vitality of central Oklahoma, they have performed for the 2010 Gala Benefit for Lawyers for Children. In November, 2010 They performed at the Creativity World Forum and also created Site Specific work for the opening night and the closing night parties of the event. They have danced at the 2nd and 3rd Annual Toast to Life benefit for Other Options Food Pantry, and as part of [Artspace] at Untitled’s 2011 annual Untitled Gala.

While the company seeks local opportunities, they continue to perform nationally and internationally. In 2011, the Hartel Dance Group performed in the South X Southwest national arts festival. In 2009 the company performed at The Florida Arts Festival in Fort Myers. They also spent one month on a international residency with performances and educational programs in Asuncion, Paraguay. While there they were invited to perform as part of the prestigious 9th Gala of Latin Americana Ballet. 1


Hartel Dance Group's audition in Episode 710 consisted of dancing to "Everyone's a Winner" while performing feats such as two people walking as one entity and upside-down splits. Howard Stern and at least one other judge voted "No," eliminating the act from the competition.

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