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Ivan Pecel was a juggler from Season 1 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated without performing in the Semifinals.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ivan brings the term “High Energy” to an different level by delivering an unforgettable show unlike anything you have seen before. As funny as a stand up comic, and as skilled as a Chinese acrobat, Ivan is the new generation of performers and is one of the best at what he does.

Whether Ivan is blindly kicking a flaming torch over his head, juggling ping pong balls using only his mouth, or having you laughing so hard that you should have worn adult diapers to his performance, his show is sure to delight any size audience, no matter the venue. [1]


Ivan Pecel's audition in Episode 101 consisted of juggling three balls in a variety of ways. Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood (out of peer pressure), and David Hasselhoff all buzzed the act. Although David voted "No," Piers and Brandy both voted "Yes," sending Ivan to the Semifinals.


Ivan Pecel was one of four acts eliminated by the judges from the competition in Week 4 of the Semifinals without performing in Episode 110.


  • Ivan came back in Season 10, where he was eliminated before the Judge Cuts. However, it wasn't televised.

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