Age (at audition) 18-23
Sex Female
Act Vocal Group
Seasons 3
Position Reached Vegas Round

Jazmin was a vocal group act from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. The group was possibly eliminated in the Vegas Round.


Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria are four Chinese-American sisters from Los Angeles that make up the Jazmin Sisters. The name was inspired by the sisters' jazz influence and the Asian Jasmine flower which symbolizes happiness.

Daughters of a preacher and a piano teacher, the girls were raised in a house with strict rules. Banned from listening to mainstream radio, the sisters grew up on Motown, Oldies, Jazz and American Standards. When they weren't studying, the sisters would unleash their energy by singing, dancing and being creative. From writing their own songs to choreographing dance routines, performing was their passion from the start.

Although tight-knit, each sister brings something special to the table. Nadia has a background in fashion and loves styling the girls. Felicia has a passion for painting and an eye for design. On the opposite end is NBA fanatic Celia, the in-house journalist with a love for words. Although Daria is the youngest she has a big voice that holds the band together, making her the "Michael" of their "Jackson 4".

The sisters gained nationwide exposure appearing on MTV's Top Pop Group and became finalists on the premiere season of the series. Each week, they worked alongside industry veterans and received praise from artists like Keri Hilson, Eve, Ashanti, Omarion, Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child), Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) and renowned choreographer Brian Friedman (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, N*SYNC, Prince).

In addition, the girls were on NBC's StarTomorrow music competition led by legendary music producer David Foster who likened them to En Vogue and TLC where they advanced to become one of the Top 100 Bands winning the opportunity to jam with Foster and Mick Fleetwood. Currently, the sisters are in the studio working with Grammy nominated producers Midi Mafia collaborating on a hip hop infused pop r&b sound. 1


Jazmin's audition in Episode 301 consisted of singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as a group. Piers MorganSharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff all likely voted "Yes", sending Jazmin to the Vegas Round.

JAZMIN on America's Got Talent (NBC) 2008

JAZMIN on America's Got Talent (NBC) 2008

Vegas Round

It is unknown whether or not Jazmin was present during the Vegas Round as it was never seen, but even if it was, it did not advance to the Quarterfinals.

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