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Jim and John was a acrobat duo from Season 15 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the auditions.


We Berlin brothers, Jim & John, sweep your stages. Our first ShowAct "Bühnenfeger" transforms funny event staff brothers with brooms (as entrance walking act incl.) Surprisingly into cheeky artists with acrobatic duo-action interludes (stage show - 7min). Jim & John come up with an authentic event entertainment concept. From admission to the end of the event, our audience is fully entertained with a brotherly storytelling format.

Our second show act surprises one more time with our transformation into "Superhero Brothers"! Effective acrobatic stunt show with LED light play and audience interactions embedded in the musical 80s superhero soundtrack. 10min. Stage show act with technical suspension for our light props.



Jim and John's audition in Episode 1506 consisted of doing different balances. Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell buzzed the act. Howie Mandel, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia and Simon all voted "No", eliminating them from the competition

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