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Jon England was a pianist from Season 2 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the audition round.


In 1979, at the relatively young age of 19, Jon England wowed night-club goers in his native Great Britain with renditions of everything from “New York, New York” to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”. Early TV spots and seasons in London’s ‘West End’ amplified his national exposure and now Ragtime and Jazz classics punctuate a diverse spread of repertoire with his shows.

A remarkably phonographic memory for melody allied to an unerring sense of mood rapidly built Jon’s reputation for pleasing fans and, upon learning he has had NO formal training and remains to this day unable to read a note of music, has left people flabbergasted at his technique.

Jon has performed his “Piano Orchestral Pops Show” (or P.O.P.S. for short) in Theaters, Night-Clubs, Concert venues and on Television and Radio as well as hopping aboard some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious cruise liners from time to time. His first sea-borne break came in the early 1980’s when asked to play aboard Cunard’s fabled Queen Elizabeth II since when he has headlined alongside Vic Damone, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Bill Cosby, Al Jarreau, Kenny Burrell and many other ‘names’ on repeat trips around the world. International relations have led to the creation of a U.S.A.-oriented twin album of Jon’s music entitled “Velvet Piano – Volume 1 and Volume 2” combining both live and studio/orchestral renditions of many classic melodies.

Theater and Concert appearances have filled Jon’s schedule since the early days yet his Radio broadcast connections eventually led to a unique partnership with the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation!) in the late 90’s. Reprising and re-designing an idea born in the 1950’s – Jon invited listeners to call-in requests live on-air, for him to play. These shows received an overwelming response and many of the all-time classics receive a fresh outing on Jon's brand-new-for-2007 release "Star Dust/Love Story".

Receiving his Liberace-inspired piano-shaped crystaline inscribed trophy from the Liberace Foundation President in front of a packed and rapturous audience, Jon was congratulated on his unique tribute to Liberace. 1


Jon England's audition in Episode 203 consisted of playing "New York, New York" on the piano. Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, and Sharon Osbourne (Piers buzzed for her) all buzzed the act. Although Sharon voted "Yes", Piers and David both voted "No", eliminating Jon from the competition.

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