Kent French
Sex Male
Act Clapper
Seasons 2
Position Reached None

Kent French was a clapper act from Season 2 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the audition round.


Kent has a degree in music performance as a percussionist. He didn't come up with the clapping technique until after college. While in the Army he really didn't clap much. When he moved to South Dakota he would clap and say 'look, I'm the world's fastest clapper'. Then once someone said, "Well..., maybe you are the world's fastest clapper". So, he contacted Guinness with a proposal to clap for 15 seconds and be the world's fastest clapper. Guinness responded and said they liked the idea but the category would need to be 'most claps in a minute'. At this point Kent had to train to maintain his speed of 12 claps per second for an entire minute. In March of 2003 it became official. He clapped 721 times in one minute.

Right away things started to happen. He set the record on a Wednesday and that Friday he was in the USA Today. The same day, he was interviewed on The Bob and Tom Show. He then appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen Degeneres and The Vegas Show. He did a Comcast commercial and performed on MTV's Call 2 Greatness and America's Got Talent. He interviewed via telephone with approximatety 50 radio morning shows, including radio stations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the BBC out of England, twice.

Things got quiet for a while and then he received a call from Glasgow University in Scotland. A Rabi there had heard him interview on the BBC and wanted him to come overseas to perform for his students. It took a year, but they worked out the details. Kent obtained his passport and made a video. The Rabi had requested a video of Kent's clapping to help promote him in Scotland and Great Britain. Kent put the video on the internet and thats when the interest and activity increased.

The video went over 1 million views on Youtube and Myspace in about 4 months. This exposure lead to multiple opportunities. Besides the trip to Scotland and England, he was flown to Tokyo twice for television appearances. He did video work for six othe TV shows in Japan and one television program in Korea. He was featured on MSN, Yahoo and Myspace home pages. He was on CNN, G4, ESPN Brazil, NBC's Guinness Top 100 Records Special, a random show in Chicago and Good Morning America. He was interviewed be a Chilean Newspaper and featured in a newspaper in Barcelona. He also did some promotions for companies on the internet. 1


Kent French's audition consisted of showing off his world record of fastest clapping. At least two judges voted "No", eliminating Kent from the competition.

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