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Kevin Schwartz was a comedian from Season 14 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


Woody Allen. Steven Wright. Emo Philips. Mitch Hedberg. These are all names. Kevin Schwartz is another example of a name. Kevin has opened for such comics as Chad Daniels, Rory Scovel, Al Madrigal, and Jon Dore, and has opened doors for such comics as Brian Regan and Mike Schmidt. Kevin lives in Madison and has the world's largest collection of awkward pauses. [1]


Kevin Schwartz's audition in Episode 1403 consisted of performing a stand-up comedy routine with jokes about blacking out for the first time, having insomnia, twin pandas, grammatical tenses, the phrase just married implying disappointment, comparing himself to Isaac Newton as being a virgin and leaving the grocery store because of no food or drinks being allowed. Howie MandelJulianne HoughGabrielle Union, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending Kevin to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Kevin Schwartz's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1407 consisted of performing a stand-up comedy routine with jokes about experiencing deja vu and people who refuse to ask for directions. Kevin's performance was not strong enough for the judges to advance to the Quarterfinals along with Dylan Gilmer and Loki Alohikea.

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