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Lavender Darcangelo was a singer from Season 18 of America's Got Talent. She finished in the Bottom 6 of the Top 11.


Born with a passion for music, Lavender Darcangelo began singing at 3 years old before she was able to talk. As a person living with both blindness and autism, her disabilities make public performances challenging at times, but after a hiatus, she performed for the first time in years on the "AGT" stage to share her dream with the world. Lavender was adopted later in life by her two fathers, one of whom was her mentor in an after-school musical program. Lavender's passion for music allows her to express her love for her family through performance. In 2019, a video of her singing went viral on social media and garnered media attention worldwide, inspiring her to finally pursue her passion.


Lavender Darcangelo's audition in Episode 1806 consisted of performing Irene Cara's "Out Here On My Own" from the movie Fame. Moved by her performance, Heidi Klum hit the Golden Buzzer, sending her directly to the Semifinals.


Lavender Darcangelo's Semifinals performance in Episode 1810 consisted of singing Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is". Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell all gave her standing ovations. She received enough votes to enter the top 5 of the night in Episode 1811 instead of Lambros Garcia, and the top 3 instead of Brynn Cummings and Oleksandr Leshchenko. She advanced to the Finals along with Adrian Stoica and Hurricane instead of Mitch Rossell.


Lavender Darcangelo's Finals performance in Episode 1820 consisted of singing "You Will Be Found" from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell all gave her standing ovations.


In the Episode 1821 finale, Lavender sang Paloma Faith's "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" accompanied by Diane Warren. She did not receive enough votes to enter the top 5, eliminating her from the competition instead of Ramadhani Brothers.


  • Lavender is one of two legally blind Golden Buzzers in Season 18, the other being Putri Ariani.

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