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Laverne Cox
Age 48
Sex Female
Occupation Actress
Seasons 12

Laverne Cox is an actress. She served as a guest judge in Season 12, Episode 1209, of America's Got Talent.


Laverne Cox was born on May 29 in Mobile, Alabama. She is a Television star and an American actress. She is also an LGBT advocate and is openly transgender. She has a identical twin brother. She also stated that at the early age of 11 she tried to commit suicide. The major reason behind her suicide attempt was her developing feeling of attraction towards her male classmates. Her mother worked 3 jobs to support her children and her father was a successful business man. She was raised by her single mother and her grandmother.

Cox is very popular for her role in the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. She plays the role of Sophia Burset. She was also awarded at the GLAAD ceremony for her remarkable performances . She was also an actress in various films and television shows such as: SUV, Musical Chairs, and Law and Order. She also loves writing articles regarding transgender rights. [1]


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