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Learnmore Jonasi is a comedian from Season 19 of America's Got Talent.


Learnmore Jonasi is from a small village in Zimbabwe. He was once featured on Comedy Central and has won multiple awards including the Steve Harvey Spotlight Award. One of his routines went viral on TikTok.

Before his performance, Learnmore confessed his ambition to be like Terry Crews ever since he saw the movie White Chicks with his parents while he was growing up and how he loved his physical humour and as such Crews was his hero. Learnmore also confessed that he used to watch AGT with his grandmother who would always tell him that she could see him performing on the show and how he learnt English through watching comedy with his grandfather.


Learnmore Jonasi's audition in Episode 1901 consisted of performing a stand-up routine comparing his former life in Zimbabwe to that of the United States. Impressed with his performance, Terry Crews hit the Golden Buzzer, sending him directly to the live shows.


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