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Les Beaux Frères is a novelty act from Season 16 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the deliberations.


In 2014, Les Beaux Frères auditioned for the 9th season of La France a un incroyable talent[1]

In 2015, the duo appeared on the second season of the Italian competition series Tu Si Que Vales [2]


Les Beaux Frères' audition in Episode 1602 consisted of the men strategically covering their genitals with towels. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes", sending them to the next round.


Les Beaux Frères' card could be seen at deliberations but the judges did not select them to advance to the quarterfinals, eliminating them from the competition.

After The Show[]

In 2023, Les Beaux Frères auditioned for Spain's Got Talent: All-Stars but did not advance to the final.

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