Lioz Shem Tov
Age (at audition) 42
Sex Male
Act Comedy Mentalist
Seasons 13
Position Reached Judge Cuts

Lioz Shem Tov was a comedy mentalist act from Season 13 of America's Got Talent.  He was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


Lioz Shem Tov is from Israel. He has been performing for the last 12 years and has been on many Isreali TV shows and recently appeared on the Nickelodeon channel, on a new TV show of stand up comedy for kids. In his words, "It was a wonderful experience."

In the year of 2008, Lioz was invited to perform on NBC's Last Comic Standing and got to the semifinals held in Las Vegas. [1]


Lioz Shem Tov's audition in Episode 1304 consisted of using "telekinesis" to perform feats such as shooting the top of a foam ice cream cone out of place, causing a tape measure to stay in place, blowing bubbles, catching one, and then making it disappear in his hand, pulling tissues out of a tissue box which magically made more sheets appear under them, and then finally, using his "mind powers" to cause the top of a trash can to slowly raise. Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell buzzed the act. Although Heidi voted "No", Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Simon (who later retracted his buzz) voted "Yes", sending Lioz to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Lioz Shem Tov's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1308 consisted of transforming a rubber glove into various shapes, having Mel B pick a card from a deck and choosing said card, switching the deck of cards to an empty set and making a doll move. Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and guest judge Olivia Munn gave him standing ovations. His performance was not strong enough to advance to the Quarterfinals, eliminating him from the competition along with Human Fountains.

After The Show

In 2019, Lioz competed on the ninth season of Australia's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Top 10.

He then competed on Season 14 of La France a un incroyable talent, where he was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.

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