Megan Amigo
Age (at audition) 21
Sex Female
Act Belly Dancing Contortionist
Seasons 8
Position Reached None

Megan Amigo was a belly dancing contortionist act from Season 8 of America's Got Talent. She was eliminated in the audition round.


Megan Amigo started making belly dancing and contortion videos on Youtube in August of 2010. She has had an innate flexibility since she was young, and she is a self-taught contortionist. She had been belly dancing for 3 and a half years before her audition. She has belly danced at a Greek restaurant. Belly dancing makes her feel invigorated and in tune with who she is. Just feeling the energy pass through all the different parts of ber body, simultaneously exuding power and strength coupled with the expressing of her femininity and sensuality is a blissful experience for her.1


Megan Amigo's audition in Episode 806 consisted of belly dancing and doing contorionist poses to David Cassidy's "C'mon get Happy." Although Howie Mandel voted "Yes," Howard Stern, Mel B and Heidi Klum all voted "No" eliminating Megan from the competition.

Megan Amigo - America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8 Week 6 Auditions

Megan Amigo - America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8 Week 6 Auditions

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