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Micah Gregorio was a singer from Season 7 of America's Got Talent. She was eliminated in the Vegas Round.


Micah is the sister of Season 9 act Grace Ann Gregorio.


Micah Gregorio's audition in Episode 702 consisted of singing "The Voice Within." Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel all voted "Yes," sending her to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round[]

Micah Gregorio was one of the Judges' Favorites in the Vegas Round. She was sorted into the "Kid Acts" category. Her performance in Episode 712 was not televised, but it consisted of singing "It Will Rain". Micah's audition was not strong enough for the judges to send her to the Quarterfinals, eliminating her from the competition along with Isaac Brown, Amazing Elizabeth, and Jason Cordero.

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